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Happy Holiday Everyone!
Anther year has passed and it's been a very interesting one.  With great new titles such as the Runaway, Broken Sword 3, URU and more to come in the coming year, the future for adventure  looks brighter than ever.  The most exciting news have to be the long awaited come back for Jane Jensen.  Although we all know her new game is not going to feature our beloved Gabe and Grace, it's still good to know that Jane is back to the gaming world, and it sure gives us something to look forward to.       

After the holiday, I am planning to make a few changes to the website and there will be a few new features added as well, so I will see you all next year!

posted by: mAdwoLf

Jane's Web Site Updated and New Jane Interview
This is surely a very busy month as more and more exciting news keep on coming!

After a brief downtime, Jane's official homepage is back up with information on her new game project.  Also has been added, is the complete first chapter of Jane's fourth novel, Dante's Equation, which is coming out this August.  For your reading pleasure, head over to Jane's homepage now.

The web site Just Adventure + has just posted a brand new interview that they conducted with Jane in this year's E3, and it's very insightful I have to say.  Below are just some of the information we are able to gather from this interview:

     -Jane's thoughts on the criticisms regarding her new game.
     -What Jane really mean by "
Myst-like atmosphere with arcade elements".
     -The new game will feature real-life locations just like GK did.
     -The new game's story will be dealing with "
nature of reality" as opposite to fantasy
      and will serve as pilot for the new series.

     -The new game was originally going to be titled
"Gray Matter", but was discarded due
       to copyright issues.

     -You will be able to play as both the main male and female characters in the game like
      in GK 2 and GK3.  However this time, the female character will have more game time
       than the male character.
     -Jane believes people are ready for adventure games to make a come back now.
     -The main female character in the new game will be able to do magic tricks.
     -There might be online element in the new game.

For the complete interview, check out Just Adventure + right now.

posted by: mAdwoLf
source: Jane Jensen's Official Homepage
Just Adventure +

New Project Jane-J Preview
Today, Adventure Gamers has posted a new preview of Jane Jensen's upcoming new game. In the article, Jane again assures us that the new game will be "a Sierra / LucasArts style 3rd person adventure game". In fact, she goes on saying that the gameplay style is very much similar to the one in Gabriel Knight 3.

Also interesting enough, if anyone remember the message Jane posted on the official GK forum a while back, asking fans for feedbacks, it was indeed "an attempt to convince Vivendi to green-light a new Gabriel Knight game". But Vivendi turned her down. (Does anybody else feel the urge to punch some Vivendi executives right now!!??)

It's a very good article and well worth the reading. For the complete text, click here now.

posted by: mAdwoLf
source: Adventure Gamers

Gamespot's Preview Of Jane's New Game
Gamespot has just posted a new preview of Jane's new game, currently named Project JJ. The preview gives us some detail information on the game's story and its two main characters. The game is currently on schedule to be released at the end of year 2004. 

I won't waste any more of your time, so click here to read the complete article.

posted by: mAdwoLf

Jane's New Game Announced!!!
Today is the day which every adventure gamers around the world should join hands and celebrate. It's been confirmed by Just Adventure +, the GODMOTHER of adventure games, Ms. Jane Jensen has returned and is working on a brand new game!!!

Although sadly, our beloved Gabriel and Grace will not be joining us this time, as Jane states that the new game is NOT a new GK game, but instead, a brand new series.  Even so, any games coming from Ms. Jensen deserve our utmost attention.  I for one, am completely confident in Jane's ability to bring us another wonderful adventure gaming experience. More information is expected to be unveiled in this year's E3 convention next week.  I will be sure to keep you updated.  For now, please click this link to read the full press release.
posted by: mAdwoLf
Just Adventure +

GK Poll
I've added a poll to the web site, and it's the age-old question: Which is your favourite GK game? I just thought that after all these years, it will be interesting to know what people think of the three games.  So please  take a few seconds and vote for your favorite.

posted by: mAdwoLf

Art attack!!!
I've uploaded some more screenshots and fan art to the "GKT Gallery" and redone the layout of that section, hopefully now is more organized and easier to navigate. New music files are also added to the Multimedia section.

posted by: mAdwoLf

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